Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring our event is a great way to provide your company with brand recognition and is a unique recruitment method! Listed below are our sponsorship tiers. We appreciate your support at any level! If you're interested in sponsoring us, please let us know.

More information can be found here:

Sponsorship Packet

Examples of Sponsorship:

Providing Mentorship

Provide technical guidance and support during the hackathon. This is a unique way to interact with the partipants and help them build their hack.

Donating Technology

This can take the form of a software platform, API, or hardware resorces which participants can build their hacks off of. This is a great way to show off your company's product!

Sponsoring a Prize

Judge and award your own prize category! This is a great incentive for participants to engage with your company.

Sending Swag

This can take the form of T-Shirts, stickers, pens, etc. It's a great opportunity for brand recognition.

Hosting a Tech Talk / Workshop

Host a short 1-2 hr presentation on your company, techonology, or anything else that will get students excited about you and the field of Aerospace Engineering.


Network with students, and inform them about career opportunites at your company/organization.

Sponsorship Tiers

Mentors X X X
Donate Technology X X X
Sponsor a Snack X X
Workshop/Tech Talk X X
Sponsor a Prize X
Recruitment Materials X X X
Recruiters X X X
Resume Book X Early
Send "Swag" X X X
Logo on Website X X X
Company Judge X

If you cannot contribute financially, or have ideas outside of the ones listed in the tiers, please let us know!

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